Workshops by Allegory Editing

Developing a Constructive Practice

Writing is often a solitary task. But the truth is, no writer can do it alone.  Feedback plays a vital role in the writing process. This workshop is your opportunity to find out who to ask for feedback, when to ask for it, and how to make the most of it once you receive it. Identify the pros and cons of beta readers, critique partners, and professional editors, including tips on establishing those relationships. Discover how to keep your cool when feedback hurts. Learn how to effectively incorporate feedback into your work, while maintaining your own strong vision. Most importantly, integrate a positive and constructive feedback process into all your future writing projects.

About the instructor:
Andrea Karin Nelson is a writer, teacher, developmental editor and theater maker with decades of experience. She brings her extensive background in the collaborative arts to her workshops designed to maximize each writer's potential.

Workshop details
Available in-person or via video conference. 
1 hour and 3 hour versions available
Contact andrea@allegoryediting for more information or to schedule.