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Manuscript services

Manuscript Assessment

A Manuscript Assessment is “first impression” read. This is a great option if you are unsure whether or not you need developmental editing. One of our editors will read your manuscript and give an honest assessment on its readiness, including suggestions on elements that need focus. This is a useful tool regardless of the number of drafts or amount of eyes that have been on your work. It’s a budget-friendly option and the fee can be applied toward a Manuscript Critique or Comprehensive Evaluation should you decide your work would benefit from a more substantial response.

Manuscript critiquE

The Manuscript Critique is a detailed, big-picture analysis of your story. Feedback focuses on elements such as theme, plot, character development, and story arc. Specific examples will be pulled from your manuscript to illustrate our recommendations. Feedback comes in the form of a detailed editorial letter. This service level does not include margin notes.  

Partial Edit

You don’t need to send us your full manuscript to take advantage of our developmental editing services. A Partial Edit can be a great way to address problem areas or help you work through a section you’re stuck on.

Comprehensive Evaluation

This is where we dive in at the sentence-by-sentence level. The Comprehensive Evaluation combines the same big-picture analysis from a Manuscript Critique, along with line-by-line analysis and detailed feedback on word choice, sentence structure, grammar, dialogue and more. Feedback comes in the form of an editorial letter along with detailed margin notes.

Query prep Package

This package is perfect if you are ready to look for an agent or publisher. First impressions count and we’ll help you get your submission and query polished so it can rise to the top of the pile.

Package includes:

  • A hands-on edit of your query letter & synopsis. We’ll do as many rounds as it takes to get it just right.

  • A one-round critique of your first 20 manuscript pages.

  • A one-hour coaching call with publishing-industry expert.

Services may also be booked a la carte.

We're also available for writing coaching, rewriting support, ghostwriting, collaboration, and online content editing. Contact us to discuss how we can support your project.

About Allegory 

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Andrea Karin Nelson | Founder & Principal Editor

In addition to her work with published novelists, playwrights, and essayists, Andrea brings a unique set of experiences and skills to her editing craft. Twenty years as a writer and theater maker has developed her keen sense of story structure, plot and character development. Fifteen years as a Master-Level, Certified Sign Language Interpreter has finely tuned her ear to the subtleties of language and the nuances of human interactions. And with over two decades as an educator, her teacher's heart allows Andrea to personally tailor her work with each writer.  


EDIting team

Our team of highly-experienced editors bring expertise in a wide variety of genres.

I have had many editors in my writing career, but none as skilled as Andrea Karin Nelson. She is the best, bar none. With a sharp eye, she brings a fresh perspective, creative suggestions, and a balance to plot, characters, and timeline—picking up issues the writer might never see. I highly recommend her.
— Bryan E. Robinson, novelist and author of over 30 non-fiction books.

Everything I write gets better working with Andrea. She has given me feedback on my work for years, including all the books in my Eddie Shoes Mystery Series. I can’t imagine sending anything to my publisher without first utilizing Andrea’s sharp eye on style, grammar, voice, continuity, character and story arc. She’s an exceptional editor, who I consider an important part of the reason I’m published today.
— Elena Taylor, award-winning author of All We Buried, coming April 2020 from Crooked Lane Books and The Eddie Shoes Mystery Series (as Elena Hartwell).
Andrea Karin Nelson has a laser eye for detail and a strong command of grammar, punctuation and style. Andrea is also adept at story-telling and her editing picks up on the build of each section as well as the complete arc of the story. Her notes allowed me to craft a more engaging narrative with clarity and purpose
— Maiken W., Playwright, NYC
Andrea is an exceptional editor. Her attention to detail and her keen eye for language helps me bring out the best in my own writing. If I need developmental editing, she knows just the right questions to ask to help me move my ideas forward. On a sentence-by-sentence level, she leaves no stone unturned. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to advance the quality of their creative work.
— Allison V., MFA


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