Why don't you list pricing on your website?
Because each project is unique, we have found offering a blanket pricing structure is not the most effective or equitable method for charging our customers. (For example, editing War and Peace is a whole different beast compared to a light-hearted beach read—with very different time commitments required.) Rest assured, our pricing is well within industry standards and always fair. 

After the free consultation and sample edit, we will provide you with a per-word price quote that is good for one year.

I incorporated your suggestions. Will you look at my new draft?
Of course! It is not uncommon for a manuscript to go through multiple rounds of editing. And, if it’s within one year of the initial round of edits, we will offer you a discount. 

How do I know if a Manuscript Critique or a Comprehensive Edit is right for me?
A combination of factors goes into this decision. It depends on where you are in your process, your goals, and your budget. Through our initial phone conversation and free sample edit, we will work with you to determine which option is most appropriate.